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Xerox Super Gloss Paper | Print Photographs

Xerox_Super_Gloss_-_Photo_PaperThe xerox super gloss paper is coated on one side, just like professional prints, but at a fraction of the cost and with a whole lot more convenience. The most popular weight is 210 GSM and it is intended for people looking to print their pictures or even turn them into greetings cards.

The colotech super gloss photo paper is also perfect for small businesses that want to do their own advertising — perhaps printing brochures or flyers. The 250gsm super gloss paper is ideal for brochure covers. We also do the ever popular A3 size paper, allowing customers to print their own posters. Xerox supergloss photo paper is suitable for use with laser and digital printers and even larger production presses.

Since the advent of camera phones, having our photograph taken has become part of daily life. Gone are the days of having to send film off to be processed and waiting for the prints to come back, which may or may not be worth looking at.

The downside of instant images is that they will generally only ever sit on a phone’s memory card. Our range of Xerox super gloss paper make it much easier to print out your photos at home or work.

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