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Quick Order Sample Pack - 5 Sheets

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You have the liberty to order anything you desire from our website with this package. Should you need more than five sheets, rest assured, we will cater to your request. Choose the perfect paper, card or envelopes with confidence! Our assortment provides excellence and variety, ensuring you find the exact match for your project's requirements.


Discover the Perfect Paper with Our Sample Pack!

Are you in search of the ideal paper or card for your next project? Look no further! Our Quick Order Sample Pack allows you to mix and match up to 5 sheets from our extensive selection. Whether it's for educational purposes, professional printing, or creative design, we've got you covered.

Why Choose Our Sample Pack?
Variety: Explore a range of textures, weights, and colors.

Quality: Only the finest selections from top UK manufacturers.

Flexibility: Tailor your pack to suit your specific needs.

For just £2.29, make an informed decision and ensure your next creation stands out with the perfect paper choice.

Order Now and Unleash Your Creativity!


Order a sample of anything on the website from this page

Max 5 sheets of card / paper / envelopes mix and match

This Paper Cutz Sample Pack is useful if you need to see a few items like paper, card, envelopes or bags that you have seen on the website

When typing your sample requirements into the box above, could you please be specific as you can

Important Information

Please do not list product codes
Please do not list lots of items from the same range as they can be purchased in the Sample and Personalised Mixed Packs available in each category type and the sample packs category

Please do not list items(colours) we do not sell
Please do not order 4 or 5 pieces of 1 item. (We reserve the right to cancel any Paper Cutz Sample Pack order which we deem its intended use is not to use as a sample)
Please do not request textured pearl and coloured card without listing specific colours and thicknesses

Choose your ideal paper or card with our Sample Pack. Note: Royal Mail postage is £1.20, Invest in quality for your projects!

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SKU pcz03850
Colour Sample
Pack Size 5 Sheets


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