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If you are a school or educational establishment and you use School or Council orders to purchase your supplies then we can help make the ordering process simpler and faster.

We offer you the chance to make your purchase without needing to enter any credit or debit card payment details.

All you need is your School or Nursery Name, Address and a purchase order number (Optional)

5 Easy Ways to Pay
school purchase orders
Simply build your order on the website. Instead of clicking to pay with a credit or debit card, simply click to pay with the school purchase order button. You can even fax your order to us, just use the item title and price on your order form.

This will then place your order with Paper Cutz and we will dispatch your order quickly.

Paper Cutz will then send an invoice to the relevant finance department in the School.

Selecting the pay with a 'Purchase Order' button allows payment of an invoice at a later date.

This eliminates the need to claim individual expenses paid on a credit / debit card.

If you have any questions, please call 0161 231 1238. 

5 Easy Steps to place order:

Step 1 Browse and add items to the cart
Step 2 Select Postage Method on cart page
Step 3 Enter the billing information for the School
Step 4 Click the pay by purchase order button
Step 5 Your order is placed, we will now send your goods and an invoice to the school office.


Fill in your purchase order form with the titles and prices of the items you would like, email it to us and we will process your order for you.

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