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Colotech Paper Supplier | Xerox

Colotech Paper Supplier | Xerox

xerox-paperAt Papercutz we are the complete colotech paper supplier. We stock colotech paper in finishes examples are; super smooth, coated, super gloss and never tear Next day delivery is offered on all of our products.

Colotech coated paper gives your work a more professional-looking finish, ideal for use on promotional materials, company reports, direct mailshots, and brochures.

Colotech gloss coated paper has a beautiful shine and smooth surface, making it the perfect choice for the clearest reproduction of your pictures.

For text-heavy documents, opt for Colotech silk coated paper. The lower level of reflectiveness makes text easier to read while still maintaining a quality finish.

Xerox Colotech gloss paper has a shinier coating than the silk variant. This is why you will see xerox gloss paper used for promotional materials where things should pop. Xerox Silk paper typically used for office reports, because it has a silk finish that is not shiny. Xerox Colotech Silk coated paper has a finish that is somewhere between a gloss and a matt finish.